Case Sealing / Erecting Equipment 


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LD-Xss RTE Case Sealer

Durable, heavy duty stainless steel case sealer. Ideal for food processing operations.

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LD-7 Case Sealer

Ideal for businesses requiring a top and bottom case taper. Perfect for handling large runs of uniform cases in a small footprint.

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Uniform Legend Case Sealer

Used as a top and bottom case sealer ideal for shallow boxes. The offsetting tape cartridges allow you to seal a box from 2.62″ up to 34″ in height. This semi-automatic machine is best for long runs of uniform cases.

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Capable of processing uniform boxes up to 80% faster than competing machines. Ideal for sealing large runs of the same case size at high speeds.

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LD-3SB Case Sealer

Side belt driven tape sealer is ideal for lightweight, narrow, and dimensionally unstable boxes. Can also be used for setting up bottom-taped empty cases.

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SP-304 Auto Case Sealer

Automatic extended side belt tape sealer improves operator efficiency and reduce repetitive motion injuries. Folding bars minimize manual box flap folding. The SP-304 is ideal for long runs of boxes that are uniform in size and shape.

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LD-19SB Case Sealer

A semi-automatic case sealer designed for processing low profile and/or narrow case sizes.  Used for series of uniform product boxes.

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LD-X Case Sealer

Quick-release drive belts which allow the belts to be changed, without tools, in a matter of seconds. Perfect for long runs of boxes that are the same size and shape.


Fully Automatic Sealers for Uniform Cases

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LD-16A Case Sealer

LD-16A from Little David is a fully automatic, top and bottom sealer. No operator required to fold the top of the box. Safety gates stop machine when opened to maximize safety. Make box adjustments in less than one minute.

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LD-24 Case Sealer

High performance folding and sealing solution in a compact footprint. This fully automatic sealer for uniform cases features quick change belts and power saving mode. No operator required.

CF-50T model Case Former

LD – CF 50

Designed to automatically form, fold, and bottom seal RSC corrugated cases. The CF-50T easily folds a variety of corrugated cases – from double wall to recycled material, and can form up to 20 cases per minute.

Case Former CF-25

LD-CF 25

Fully-automatic, uniform case erector designed to form and bottom-seal corrugated boxes at speeds up to 15 cases per minute.


2000-XS II

High Speed Tape Head, processes cases at lines speeds greater than 200 ft/min, independent applying and wipe down assemblies to reduce force on the case.

RSA 2024-SB

Ideal for lightweight, narrow cases, processes in two operational modes to maximize throughput speeds – top & bottom, random seal or bottom only seal

UA 262024-SB

Uniform Auto Side Belt Drive Case Sealer, Compact 65″ frame conserves floor space, no manual adjustments required for case length set up, Interlocking safety shields and indexing gate standard on operator side