• Food Packaging

  • Cartons & Boxes

  • Flexible Packaging Films

  • Tapes & Closures

  • Protective Packaging & Cushioning

  • Packaging Equipment

  • Equipment Service

  • Facility Supplies

  1. Food Packaging
  2. Cartons and Boxes
  3. Flexible Packaging Films
  4. Tapes and Closures
  5. Protective Packaging and Cushioning
  6. Packaging Equipment
  7. Equipment Services
  8. Facility Supplies

Specialty Packaging is a leading source of


…with extensive capabilities in package design, sourcing, distribution, and logistics.

Who We Are

Specialty Packaging was founded on the premise of sharing our years of product knowledge and Supply Chain Management experience. We offer complete packaging solutions to our customers. Specialty Packaging is a leading source of packaging products, equipment and service with extensive capabilities in package design, sourcing, distribution and logistics.


  • Just in-time Inventory Management
    • We’ll take your annual usage, optimize it into your production schedule, and stock the products you need for your business
  • Integrated Supply Management
    • State of the art system designed specifically for packaging distribution – Offers complete flexibility designed to meet any customer requirements.
  • Online Inventory Access 
    • Giving customers the most relevant information while enabling them with a faster, self-serve ordering experience.


  • National Distribution Centers
  • Centralized Customer Service Center
  • Certified Service Technician Teams
  • Real-time Inventory Networking



The Leading Source of Packaging