Stretch Film

sf_1sf_2Stretch wrap or stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items, usually cartons on a pallet, to keep them secure in transit or protect during storage. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. The most common stretch wrap material is linear low density polyethylene or LLDPE but other types of polyethylene and PVC can also be used. Stretch film is available in many gauges and widths depending on the application and can be applied by hand or with equipment, ranging from basic semi automatic wrappers to fully automatic systems that require no operator intervention.

Specialty Packaging is a leading distributor of
3 top quality brands of stretch films.


Intertape Polymer Group® offers a full line of films designed to meet a variety of stretch wrapping needs. A market leader in technology, IPG® is committed to Research & Development, creating new products and improving upon their existing product line. Manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment in ISO Certified facilities, IPG® produces monolayer and 3-layer blown film, both 5 & 7-layer cast films and specialty products.

To benchmark these against industry standards and to further improve their existing line of films, IPG® has invested in unique testing systems that evaluate the stress-strain curves, puncture resistance, load retention, pre-stretch and other performance features.


Malpack has over 34 years experience in the conversion, extrusion, and manufacturing of films. They operate three manufacturing plants to serve their customer’s evolving needs and were the first Canadian-owned company to produce cast stretch film. Their Max Wrap hand film is a 5 layer cast film with excellent puncture resistance and cling. The Platinum line is a high clarity, one sided cling film, designed for high speed equipment and is rated for up to 300% pre-stretch.

Paragon Films:

Looking far ahead while delivering now, Paragon Films is continually evolving stretch film worldwide to deliver products unparalleled in performance, value, quality and consistency. Over the years, their innovations have continually answered the call for more efficient, sustainable and economical stretch film products. With plants strategically located in Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Washington, they efficiently and economically service all 50 states, as well as Canada, Mexico, South America and a number of international locations across a wide array of industries.

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