Signode is the leading worldwide provider of plastic strapping systems for the securement of a wide range of products, from newspapers and produce to PVC pipe and cotton bales. Specialty Packaging is a fully authorized Signode distributor offering the full line of strap, hand and power tools, semi and fully automatic dispensers, as well as parts and repairs.

The Signode strapping line includes these high quality products:

st1High-Strength Tenax is a highly engineered polyester strapping material that combines the performance properties of both steel and plastic strapping to form a stronger, more resilient strapping material. Its elongation and recovery characteristics help straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking. High-Strength Tenax can reduce indentation at unprotected package corners and, unlike steel strapping, does not rust and stain products when exposed to the elements. It’s also completely recyclable, which reduces packaging waste and saves money on disposal costs.



st2Tenax polyester strapping is designed for medium to heavy-duty palletizing and unitizing applications and can be applied by hand tools or power strapping equipment. This strapping material yields higher break strengths and maintains a higher level of retained strap tension than polypropylene strapping.




st3Contrax polypropylene strapping, designed to run through hand tools and power strapping equipment, provides superior performance for light to medium-duty bundling and carton closure applications. It has excellent elongation recovery properties, making it ideal for products that shrink or compress, such as top-iced food packages and newspaper bundles.



st4Avistrap polyester strapping provides dependable performance for light-to-heavy duty bundling, tying and unitizing applications. It features excellent elongation and recovery characteristics to stay tight and absorb shocks, making it ideal for a variety of packaging applications.



sl_apex_2wApex Plus is a cold-rolled, medium carbon steel strapping, engineered to yield a higher break strength at a thinner gauge than regular-duty steel strapping. In many light to medium-duty applications, Apex Plus can substitute for the heavier gauge regular-duty steel strapping to save money on material and shipping costs.